Q. How many members are there?


A. About 45.



Q. Can I bring a friend?


A. It is not advisable to bring a friend as you are likely to end up talking to each other instead of to new people.

Q. Do I need to ring before I come to an event?


A. Not to any of the events in the Sample Programme but during the pandemic it is a good idea to ring in case anything has changed.



Q. Do all members have to put on events?


A. There is no obligation to put on events it is up to you - but you will get more out of your membership if you do. About 40% of members do host events sometimes. 

    If you host an event at home you get a discount off your renewal subscription.



Q. Does the club make a profit?


A. No.The club is non profit-making and run solely for the benefit of its members. The administrator is paid minimum wage.  



Q. Have there been any weddings in the club?


A. So far three couples have met through the club and eventually married.